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    Hello fellow gamers,

    I´m getting into retro gaming gameplay recording and I have stumbled upon a big issue.
    I bought an Avermedia LGP and Scart to HDMI converter by Elephas. The converter works fine with my retro systems. The retro games look great on my flat TV but when I connect them (Sega Master System, Mega Drive, PSOne, PS2) to the Avermedia LGP through the scart to HDMI converter It doesn´t record and when it does I get this:


    Sega Master System

    Having in mind the examples that I posted, can anyone tell me if this is a sync issue due to the stock scart cables that I am using on my old consoles. Would I need to use, for example, a scart c-sync cable for the master system and a sync on luma for the PS One?

    If you can help me figure this out I can try to buy the adequate cables instead of buyng hardware on a trial error basis.


    I’ve no experience with those cheaper converters but I doubt changing to different cables will help. Is there any option on the cheap converter like “output frame lock” “frame lock” “vsync lock” or similar? If so, try turning that off.


    Hi thanks for replying. I believe the converter doesn´t have any of the:

    “output frame lock” “frame lock” “vsync lock” or similar

    The upscaler is this one:

    It really has some nice review and whrn connected to the flat tv it works fine, it even seems to strip ps3 hdcp protection when paired with AverMedia LGP.

    What upscaler are you using or what do you recommend me in order to record retro gaming with my avermedia LGP.


    They’re okay but still have the usual problems with deinterlacing etc. Though I thought that model always output frame unlocked anyway, so maybe that’s not the problem.

    We only recommend OSSC or XRGB Mini depending on your needs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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