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    I received my Retrotink (from the manufacturer) but I was hoping to obtain some help here. I should mention I have never used this N64 or SFC system before. The links below are to brief video clips in my Google Photos album.

    I’ve tested a Wii with component cables and it works no issue. I have not tested a PS2 yet. Not if it makes any difference, but my TV is a TCL 55″ Class – 6-Series – 4K UHD LED LCD TV.

    For N64, composite works but when I do Mode 1, I get flickering or an offset image in the bottom 3rd of the screen. Not sure what the technical term is.

    When I do Mode 2 and Mode 3, I get the same image problem in the top third of the screen.

    For S-video, I get the same errors, and in addition it’s in black and white. I’ve tried all inputs and it remains B&W.

    Oddly, when I was testing this again to get video, it briefly showed in color, but the colors were muted, and then it went back to black and white when I changed the input.


    Post continued:

    I don’t know if it has to do with my USB at all but I’ve tried two different USBs on my computer and TV. Some of them feel wiggly in the connector at the Retrotink end but I have at least one that is staying firm.

    As to the SFC, whether I plug in composite or s-video, nothing registers. The rainbow bars show but that’s it, like it is not picking up a signal or something from the SFC.

    …Ok, while testing different games I got it to read a game. Composite is working. It has the exact same problem as the N64 on composite. Ditto s-video – black and white and the same image issues.

    Could the problem be the cables? But it seems display-related since both of the consoles have the problem, and it occurs across both kinds of cords.

    So to recap, I’m trying to figure out:

    A) How to get the s-video cable to show color.
    B) How to get rid of the Mode 1 bottom of the screen and Mode 2-3 top of the screen image issue.
    C) Why some SFC carts aren’t reading at all.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!


    Update: received this reply from Retrotink:

    “Hi! If component on the Wii works, that means all of the input jacks on the device are good. 1 and 2) Suggest that you have a flaky S-video cord 3) This might be a dumb question, but did you try cleaning the carts? No worries on your USB, it’s good. Also try another TV to see if the tearing problem goes away.”

    I replied asking if there may be another fix for the tearing (since it happened with component too). I think it’s gonna make SFC/N64 unplayable. I don’t have another TV unfortunately. I can get another s-video for the N64 though.


    You’re based in the US yes? Are all consoles and software NTSC/US region?


    Hi, yes, I’m in the US. Everything is US region except for the Super Famicom and carts which are Japan region (not sure if that’s the right term but I Googled it and couldn’t find a term). Thank you.


    Old posting but I had the same issue on my Retrotink 2X Pro. Tried three different s-video cables and had the same issue.
    The fix is to press the source button on the Retrotink until the light turns white to signify it’s on the S-video input. The light was originally green and after making this change it works beautifully.

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