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    I’m trying to connect a SNES (PAL) and a N64 (PAL) using an S-video cable but i’m not getting any signal.
    I’ve tried different consoles, all input modes on the RetroTink and adjusting the comb-filter and line doubling switches without any luck.
    The cable is multi output (sound, composite, s-video), newly produced and specially made for the PAL region. I’ve tested it with a multimeter and all seems fine.

    If i connect both composite and s-video I am able to get a signal similar to running in s-video mode with only composite.
    However instead of a completely black and white, it has a light hint of colors.
    Not sure what this tells me and how i can continue to investigate this further.

    Thankful for any help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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