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    Hi all, I have received my RetroTINK-2X SCART yesterday, and I am experiencing some issues.
    Just want to see if my RetroTINK is problematic or this is the case for all of them.

    First, to get it out of the way, I have updated my device to the latest firmware (v1.6) through the official site with no problems

    All tests were made with :
    (a) my childhood 50/60Hz modded Mega Drive 1 PAL-G 1601-18 with the Yamaha YM2612 chip,
    (b) a Genesis 1 VA7 motherboard with the YM3438 chip, and
    (c) two different VA1 PAL Mega Drives 50Hz

    I own two different SCART cables -one is a quality MD1 C-sync cable with the headphones stereo sound bypass from and the other is an eBay MD2 one

    1. None of my 50hz pal Mega Drives displayed video correctly (device: MD1 PAL-G 1601-18 and two different variations of Mega Drives II) -please see the video here (also hear for the sound problem I am referring to below)
    This is maybe a problem with the latest firmware updates (v1.6, v1.5, v1.4) as I tried them all and found out that only v1.3 downwards firmware shows pal Mega Drive’s image correctly (on all machines). Anybody else has the same issue? Is it something “normal”?

    2. my biggest issue though, is the sound!
    All MDs and Genesis I tried had these weird sound “cutoffs” and distortions (you can hear them randomly on both videos I made here here and here – they are from the same 60Hz MD 1). I have tried every PAL or NTSC Mega Drive/Genesis I own with the same results – continuous sound issues/distortions randomly)

    Just for testing, I also connected my 50Hz PAL SNES which plays video correctly and sounds fine.

    Hope that I explained the case clear enough (I wish I had some kind of capture card to make it even clearer). I wish I get a solution for this, as the Mega Drive, is actually the main reason I got the RetroTINK.


    After a lot of testing, I found out that my “new” 4K LG TV has a problem with RetroTink and won’t display/does not like the output rate of specific consoles. I tested 1 PC monitor and 2 different TVs (older models) and works fine, both 50hz and 60hz


    Can you share the model number of your LG TV please?


    sure, it’s LG 43UH603V-ZE

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