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    Hi, new owner quite like it seems to work as expected but unsure if small yellow led is supposed to be on even after switching the unit off via blue button.

    Main green led goes out and unit does turn off as tv signal dissappeard but i could swear when testing before updating to latest firmware (wasnt sure what it came shipped with) that only the green led was ever on when unit was working.

    Never had a retrotink product before so just curious. Any help much appreciated. Ta


    The RetroTINK SCART does not have a power button, for details of what the buttons do and what the LEDs mean, see the manual here –

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    Hi, ive read it but that didnt answer my question is there supposed to be two leds on all the time when operating?

    I expect so but if you have any others in stock a quick test would help.

    If you long press the blue filter button when your done playing lets say the larger green led goes out completely if console is off but the small yellow one stays on, so i assune the small yellow led just shows power input?

    Its not mentioned in the manual i guess because it pretty much plug and play its not worth mentioning but unless mines different from every other one holding down the filter button when your done seems to turn off input completely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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