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    Hi there!

    So I’ve got a Retrotink2x now as well as the latest revision of the OSSC, and unfortunately I’m having some serious struggles passing the RT2X’s video along to the OSSC.

    I’ve purchased this HDMI-to-VGA adapter from Castlemania:

    I’m connecting to the RT2x with my N64 via S-Video, and then using a random VGA cable I found lying around.

    Setting the RT2x to pass through mode and the correct S-Video input, and turning on the N64, seems to throw the OSSC for a loop. Sometimes the OSSC will flash through multiple different resolutions on its LCD, including no signal, until I restart it. I will see video for a second or two, then it will seem to flicker and cut out. When the OSSC is set to AV3 RBGHV it will show a very random input like 273i or something. I’ve got a TCL R55617 and it handles anything the OSSC can throw at it so far, and the issues I’m having also persist on a BenQ monitor.

    I should say I don’t think it’s even the OSSC that’s the issue, as I’ve used the RT2x with the HMDI-to-VGA adapter and same cable into my BenQ monitor directly and the issue persists (although I have to turn on 2x mode otherwise the monitor can’t receive the incoming signal).

    My question for those of you who have effectively chained your Retrotink2x into your OSSC: what HDMI-to-VGA adapter are you using? Does the VGA cable I use matter? And does the fact that the RT2x is receiving s-video from my unmodded Nintendo 64 have anything to do with it?

    Thanks in advance.


    The only ones that I’ve seen that are really recommended by the community (in general, not specifically for RT2X) are active, externally-powered converters, like those from Portta and Tendak. Other ones tend to either function poorly in general, or are known to crush blacks.


    I have tried 4 different HDMI to VGA adapters with my RT2X by now, one of those adapters being sold on this very website. None of them work. Glad to hear I’m not alone on this problem, although I bet that the recent firmware update should solve the issue, once I am able to mail my unit to somebody who can upgrade it.


    Good news – I purchased a Tendak adapter on Amazon that works. I wonder if perhaps the VGA cable itself was the issue, since this adapter plugs directly into the VGA port on the OSSC and the only cable is the HDMI from RT2X.

    It doesn’t always work at first though. I often have to toggle the RT2X into line double mode to get the OSSC to pick it up, then put it back into passthrough.

    I can post a link to the Tendak adapter I bought if people are interested.


    Hi guys, hope this is not too late, but I’ve been experimenting and found this chain to work really well:

    It uses a cheap Chinese HDMI -> component converter with surprisingly good quality and rock solid compatibility, sync output.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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