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    The RetroTink 2x is a new composite, S-video and Component to HDMI transcoder/converter developed by Mike Chi (

    The device performs two functions. On its own, it can work as a bare-bones line doubler for composite, S-video and Component sources. The device offers pass through or line doubling for 240p and 480i sources.

    When paired with a suitable HDMI to VGA converter (only an inexpensive model is required) the device can be used as a transcoder for other devices, such as PVM monitors and, of course, the OSSC.

    So far around 50 units are in production with many more planned. This forum is for users to report their findings with the new device, share tips and tricks and of course screenshots of the device in action.



    Wish this was available to buy. 50 units isn’t a lot. I would buy one if I could 🙁

    Just might buy another OSSC as a backup if I can’t find one of these.


    many more units will be available in the future don’t worry 🙂


    I ordered 1 retrotink yesterday. How long will it take?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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