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    What is the RetroTINK 5x?

    RetroTINK 5x is the first RetroTINK product to offer a full scaling solution for your retro consoles. That means not only do you get great quality scaling of 240p, but you also can expect great quality deinterlacing of 480i content (e.g PS2) as well. All in an easy to use, affordable little package.

    Is that all it does?

    Nope! The RetroTINK 5x also has some other amazing tricks up its sleeve.

    Play games with 240p to 480i transitions with no loss of sync – Fed up of going into your menu screen in your favourite retro RPG or action game and your TV freaking out? The Tink 5x solves this problem with it’s special “triple buffer” mode.

    Sharp sampling modes for popular systems – Enjoy crisp sharp scaled visuals for popular systems like SNES and Megadrive/Genesis, with no need to manually adjust phase.

    480p scaling – Sharp scale 480p sources too.

    Scanlines – Add scanlines to give your game an authentic retro look.

    Downscale – Want to play modern games on your CRT TV? The RetroTINK 5x features a downscaling mode too (digital to analogue converter is required for most CRT TVs).

    Low lag – Up to 1 frame of lag is added in the various processing modes (usually less).

    All this and more, check out the detailed reviews to learn more.


    So where is it on your store? – Unfortunately due to the great component shortage we were not allocated any stock for the initial run. We will continue to communicate with RetroTINK LLC and aim to get stock as soon as possible.


    RetroTINK 5x-Pro is now available in our store! –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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