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    Hi, I just bought an old RetroTink2x classic from a friend. It works really great on everything I’ve tried with it (Modded Atari2600, modded Intellivision, PAL NES and PAL N64). The only problem is that when I start an NTSC-Rom from my N64 Everdrive on my PAL N64, I get great picture on my CRT but my projector (wired through the RetroTink2x) show no red colours. As seen here:
    PAL roms and everything else works fine with correct colours.
    When I cycle input it shows Black/white – Black/white – Colour – Black/white – Black/white – Colour. So I’m guessing my RetroTink has the old firmware with only three input modes.
    So my two questions are:
    1. Can anyone confirm that NTSC-Roms on a PAL N64 works on an updated RetroTink2x? (I’m think it outputs a slightly off-spec PAL60-signal)
    2. Is it possible to find the Firmware-update file somewhere now? I noticed it was removed from the support-page. I have a friend here in Sweden with the right programmer and connector that will update it for me if I send it to him and if we can find the latest firmware-file.
    Kind regards,
    Thomas Edman, Sweden.


    Sorry for missing this! Updating the firmware on the unit may help and is worth a try if you can find the required programmer.


    No problem! I’m sorry too for not updating this thread. 🙂
    I updated the Firmware on my RetroTink2x and actually, the best thing about the update is that it now remembers the input I last used – no more changing från S-Video to Composite every time I start it up! Worth the update just for that!

    But now I also have the new input mode for PAL60. And it works great with my PAL N64 playing NTSC-games!
    Really recommend everybody that has the old firmware to get it updated!

    Here’s some pictures of my setup:
    Using Everdrive 64, I boot up in regular 50hz mode:
    This is what it looks like in 50Hz-mode (that’s what I was stuck with on old firmware):
    Changing to PAL60-mode on the RetroTink I got this instead:
    Notice how it’s very cropped to the right, but hey, at least it’s in color, I thought. But then I remembered: I have some setting on my Projector as well…
    And great success!
    My projector even remembers the settings separately for PAL50 and PAL60 mode, so I only had to change these setting once and now it’s all good!
    Only thing I wish for now is that the RetroTink would autodetect the input mode, so I didn’t have to push any button at all on it, but hey, this works totally fine too!

    Here’s some more example pictures:
    PAL NES:

    PAL Composite modded Intellivision:

    PAL Composite modded Atari 2600: (the shadows is from the mod not being properly adjusted, will fix that later)

    PAL N64 running PAL game:

    And here’s a quick test of PAL N64 running NTSC game – this was before I figured out I could change the image width:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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