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    The C0pperdragon Commodore 64 Component Video Mod sold on our site supports YPbPr by default. Several customers asked us about RGB output. This is possible, but requires some extra steps. There are several ways you can do this.

    1) Use a RetroTINK Comp2RGB – https://videogameperfection.com/products/retrotink-transcoder-comp2rgb/

    This little transcoder is fully compatible with the C64 component video mod. It works with 240p/288p/480p/576p signals so will work if you want to use the line double mode too (assuming the device you’re connecting it to supports 480p, most SCART devices do not).

    This is probably the easiest, least hassle way to get RGB from the mod, however it does mean buying another device. You will also need to find a power supply for the transcoder, either from a socket on the wall or a USB cable.

    2) RGsB (sync on green) – RGsB is directly available through the TRRS adapter cable. Your monitor must support sync on green. No consumer SCART televisons we know of support this, but CRT monitors often do, particularly Sony PVM/BVM monitors. To activate RGsB mode, use the palette reprogramming software – https://github.com/Hojo-Norem/c0pperdragon-VIC-II-Palette-editor/releases

    3) RGBs – This is the standard that all consumer televisions use. For proper support for RGBs it is again the question which kind of sync signal is needed.

    There are 3 main possibilities already:

    TTL level sync – Used by professional video monitors, but can harm consumer TVs, OSSC etc as the voltage is too high.
    pure 75 ohm sync – Compatible with most consumer devices
    75 ohm composite video or luma for sync

    These configurations require building a custom cable. Depending on the specific monitor, different things would be needed. We do not officially support this but there should be no risk as long as 75 ohm sync is used. Sync from the C64s luma or composite video will always be 75ohm consumer spec.

    One user reported success with a commodore 1084 using luma for a sync signal. But this is again dependent on the exact model of the monitor.

    There is a nice cable available at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260894700043 to break out the luma signal (and the audio also to use in a
    separate equipment) from the C64 A/V port.

    Combining our RGB with this composite (or luma) signal should be possible with one of these cheap adapters:


    There is even a weird contraption available to also add audio to the SCART if anyone absolutely wants to play audio from their analog monitor or TV:


    Thanks to C0pperdragon himself for these hints.

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