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    Hi, I am new to all that is the OSSC. I have a RGB modded NES model no: NESE-001 (FRA) that I purchased from a reputable seller on ebay, and an OSSC with 0.82a firmware. And I purchased an everdrive cart from stone age gamer.

    Televisions that I have are a Sanyo Dp50747 and a Sony KDL 32BX300

    I have spent several hours learning about OSSC, I get the gray test pattern on both of my televisions, but am unable to get a clear picture from the modded nes plugged into the SCART input. The image is like wavy lines, forgive my wrong terminology. I can upload a photo if that helps. Any help is much appreciated.


    Yes, please upload an image. Other details that would be useful:

    1. What kind of cable are you using, and who is it from?
    2. Have you seen the NES work with the SCART cable on another TV/setup?
    3. What button are you pressing to make the OSSC go from the gray test pattern to the NES?
    4. What settings do you have active on the OSSC?


    In response to your questions:

    1. I am in the process of contacting the seller

    2. No, as to more information, I am fairly certain it was a refurbished nes with an RGB mod. I am from North America and have only learned about SCART. I have A SNES cable coming from Retro Cables in the UK, and I know the SNES I have works… am waiting for the package.

    3. BTN0, I also got a remote to go into the settings, if this helps…

    4. Default setting for most current firmware.

    Thank you much, I really appreciate your help.


    To add further after pressing the info button I got this information:

    Prof.0 288p
    312p 539927


    And a better picture of the cable:


    My suspicion is that you have not bought an RGB modded NES, but a plain original french NES. The french NES has an internal convertor (instead of RF box), creating an ”RGB” signal from composite video. I.e. it’s not proper RGB. I have no idea what are the specs for voltages of this signal, in theory it should still work with the OSSC, obviously in your case it doesn’t. Although it detects the sync, the signal is 50Hz as expected.
    (Edit: It’s also possible the signal is valid but your TVs don’t support 50Hz over HDMI.)

    You can read a bit more about it here: http://blog.hardcoregaming101.net/2009/12/french-nes-with-rgb-output.html

    I would re-sell or return the item and get a proper NTSC RGB modded NES. Optionally you could swap the innards for a 60Hz RGB modded mobo, but maybe it would be a shame considering the french model is quite unique and potentially a collectors item.


    Thanks, everybody is so helpful here! So I too believe you are correct it is an unmodified French NES, what a curiosity!

    Also, I was wondering how difficult or expensive it may be to get this one modified to do RGB at 60hz, I would be interested in that option before, say, purchasing another NES and getting that one modded. As this is a french console, and I am in North America, how challenging would it be for a reputable professional to make the modification?


    I’m no expert when it comes to this, but I would be inclined to just buy a US NES of some kind (Maybe a top-loader) for US/Japanese games and keep the French one around for PAL games.

    I think you’d need a donor NES anyway, because any kind of conversion, assuming it’s possible/feasible, is going to require you to swap out the PAL processor with an NTSC one; so you might as well just buy a functional NTSC NES and use it instead.

    I personally haven’t seen one, but that RGB module indeed makes that French NES a curiosity, and enough of one that I’d put it on display in my living room to show off to my nerdier guests.


    Okay, Excellent! So I have inadvertently, by chance come upon a piece of curio for my retro collection, nice! Thank you for what you say, it is a nice console.

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