Safe RGB/Sync Voltages for OSSC

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    Is there a limit to the voltage for the RGB lines going into AV1 of the ossc? (Scart connection)

    I have a consolized MVS and I know you will want the CSYNC voltage down to 0.3-0.6V from the usual 3-5V you might get without a 470 Ohm resistor on sync line with 75 Ohm termination to not fry the OSSC over time, but is there a safe range for the RGB lines?

    I’ve been trying to fine tune the Color bar test so that the RGB bars don’t bleed out as far on the last 3 bars. I’m going to rig up some pots or some resistors to sort it out, but was unsure what voltage can/should be sent to the AV1/Scart input.

    Some say you need anywhere from 150-250 Ohms, to get it right with some 220uf caps as well.



    I’m no expert, so perhaps wait for someone to validate this, but I believe the voltages for both RGB and sync are 1Vp-p, -0.3V to +0.7V, which goes for AV2 as well, and I think the video lines on AV3 (sync on AV3 still needs to be TTL/5Vp-p).


    RGB video lines should be max 0.7V p.p but it is obvious when it is too high because then the brighter colors will be clipped at default gain.


    That’s great – a big thanks to both of you. All my lines are in those ranges so should be okay.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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