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    Hi everyone, I just had a question about the sampling phase, and more specifically for the Nintendo Wii.
    So I’ve gotten my Wii to output in 960p in the upscaled 2x mode and have fine-tuned all the applicable
    settings via the optimal timings page and so forth. So I downloaded the 240p test suite for the wii, loaded it up
    on my Wii. When going to the checkerboard test to adjust the sampling phase (like in the FireBrandX tutorial) I’m not
    noticing any difference no matter what phase I choose. My question is, is this fine tuning only applicable to CRT,PVM,BVM,etc?

    My current chain goes as follows Nintendo Wii>HD Retrovision Component Cables>OSSC>HDMI>Elgato HD60pro>Asus PC Monitor.

    Does it not apply to LCD monitors?


    there’s something up with some part of the wii. turn on upsample 2x, thats the only way i could get it smoothed out


    I already have upsample 2x turned on. I know that the Wii has blurry output in general, but I’ve gotten it to look good anyways. I’m just reading everywhere to make sure to adjust the sampling phase so that’s why I inquired.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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