Samsung 4K TV and SNES Issues

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    Hi folks,

    I have a Samsung 49KS9500 bought in 2016. It’s a 4K TV. I also have a PAL SNES and an OSSC1.6 box (with HDMI output).

    When I connect up the OSSC to the TV via HDMI (Input 4 with as much processing turned off as I can manage on the TV so using Game Mode and with UHD Deep Colour disabled for that input) I get a screen with a grey gradient on it. When I switch on the SNES (connected using a SNES multiout-to-SCART cable) I get a green light and a sync. The screen comes on and I can see the game (Zelda is my test but this happens with all carts) but it’s very dark. It immediately starts to dim and within about 15s the screen appears completely black. Audio works fine.

    I’ve replaced the SCART cable, the HDMI cable, the cartridge and even the SNES! I get the same results no matter what combination I use. Unfortunately I don’t have another TV or console to test with.

    I’ve had a fiddle with the remote but I don’t really know what I”m doing. Once the screen dims to black, nothing makes any difference (I can tell things are happening because the audio stops working on some settings)

    I’ve got firmware version 0.78a and the screen displays the following with the SNES connected and on;

    AV1: RGBS 312p
    15.58kHz 49.96Hz

    Pressing the INFO button on the remote gives me;

    VMod: 288p
    LC: 312 VSM: 0

    If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate hearing them.

    Desperate for a game of Mario Kart!!


    Sounds like you have a SCART cable designed for NTSC consoles, you need one specifically designed for PAL SNES consoles.


    Well that’s a cheap fix if it works!! Ordered one which specifies PAL in the description. Arriving on Monday so let’s see!

    Thanks pal! (Sorry!)


    Did that work!?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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