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    Anyone here with a Samsung TV have any luck or any idea how to get game mode working when using Line2x mode with Dreamcast over VGA?

    Works fine on passthrough mode (480p), but the option is greyed out as soon as I switch to line double mode.

    I’m guessing its because line double results in a PC-esque resolution (displays as 1280×960 @ 60hz)

    Anyone know of a fix or workaround as that extra reduction in lag with game mode definitely makes a difference!


    Did you actually check that your TV is not already in low-lag mode for 1280×960? My TV for instance disables all kinds of features when it receives a ‘PC’ type resolution from the OSSC. Many TVs call the low-processing / low-lag mode either game mode or PC mode, maybe your TV greys out the game mode setting because it is always in that mode for non-HDTV type signals?


    Yep, you are in PC mode which (depending on your model) has similar or even lower lag than game mode. You can force this for all resolutions by relabelling the input to “PC”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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