Saturn Orange Hue?

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    Hello Everyone!

    I just got my OSSC today along with two scart cables from insurrection cables for my saturn model 2 and gen 2 both american (well Canadian) releases . Tv is a LG uk6300

    the video coming from the gen is absolutely perfect in 5x with no issues outside of a little bit of noise from the cable (which seems to be common)

    The saturn on the other hand isnt doing as well on the video department. It seems to be a bit dark and has a warm hue to it and looks a bit washed. Whites come off very blue. Resolution itself itsnt bad but colors wise its a bit off. Ive tried daytona and virtual fighter and both have the same types of issues.

    As Im fairly new to this I was wondering if there is anything to determine the cause or anything in the ossc I can change to help it? My gut says its the cables but I really dont have the knowledge to say either way.

    Anything helps thanks.


    are you using scart RGB cable?

    Reconnect it. Lately I’ve been getting these drops where the image goes yellowy so I switch the OSSC off and make sure the RGB scart is proper plugged in and then it goes fine.

    I’m looking to get a cheap but decent scart splitter at some stage


    does the problem persist at all output modes (3x 4x etc)? You could also check that your TV is using the correct black level, by default OSSC uses full range.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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