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    Sorry guys but I’ve got a dumb question for the people in the know ;). Just got my invite for the OSSC and I’m very excited, but also a little confused as to which cables I should be purchasing to use with the device. I’ve been looking at the cables at retro gaming cables UK and see that they have clean sync version and composite plus sync or sync on luma etc. now as I understand it the c sync cables are incorporating a sync stripper in the cables themselves to give the clean sync signal, but I did read somewhere that two sync strippers can cause problems. I’m not actually sure if the OSSC has a sync stripper but I’m assuming it does. Also later down the track ill probably pick up the Gscart switch (but I think that has on off switch for the sync stripper). So I was wondering if I should get the cables with c sync or just the standard ones. I know this probably a stupid question but I’m a RGB noob so sorry guys 🙂


    As far as I’m concerned it all depends on what sync the console itself outputs, and also what you’re looking to connect it too. Csync is considered to produce the best quality, then Luma, then composite video sync. Generally, sync strippers are only really required for specific display configurations like PVM’s etc.

    I’m currently using a gscartsw with an OSSC, I have the sync stripper set to “on” on the gscartsw. Here are the RGB SCART cables from RetroGamingCables I’ve tested so far and they all work perfectly:

    Mega Drive 1 PAL & JAP NTSC – Csync
    PS1 NTSC – Luma Sync
    SNES PAL – Luma Sync

    Hope that helps


    By the way, watch this video by My Life in Gaming… should clear things up for you!


    OSSC shouldn’t need clean sync, but it shouldn’t hurt either.

    now as I understand it the c sync cables are incorporating a sync stripper in the cables themselves to give the clean sync signal

    Not necessarily, lots of consoles output clean cysnc without the need to strip it from luma or composite video. Given the choice of one or the other, I’d say go for clean sync if the console natively outputs it, or just composite or luma for sync if not.


    Thanks for the detailed replies guys 🙂


    I would not recommend Csync or composite video sync cables. Luma sync is the way to go. With composite video sync you will get diagonal lines through the video, especially with PAL signals. Luma has the same quality as Csync.

    The OSSC expects a 75 Ohm terminated signal and with luma you don’t have to worry about that. With Csync you have too many things to consider: TTL sync, NESRGB/N64RGB which can also output 75 Ohm Csync, sync strippers which are incorrectly wired e.g. sync stripper in the SCART end instead of console end and not terminated to ground, PAL SNES/N64 outputting 12 volt on the Csync line damaging your equipment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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