Scrambled horizontal lines: H.Active has to be reduced by -1 every time

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    Hi VGP

    I’m getting super frustrated here, I’ve tried FireBrandX’s optimising timing profiles as well as tweaking my own endlessly, but this problem persists.

    At first I give up and just let it go back to factory defaults which don’t look perfect but are ok. But basically, the H.Active section under advanced sampling has to be knocked down -1, so 256 to 255 or 720 to 719 etc, in order to remove the horrible scrambled horizontal lines that ruin the image.

    I don’t see anyone else mentioning this problem, it breaks compatibility with the mClassic for one, which is a major downside, as well as making most of the customisability of the OSSC completely pointless.

    Even after knocking H.Active down 1 to get a proper picture again, the picture quality is still slightly flickery, as if it’s only just enough to get the picture signal through to my PC monitor.

    PLEASE help, going to have to just send this thing back otherwise as i’ve really had enough of messing with the settings. I can understand my settings having problems but FireBrandX’s settings are having the same issue. Happy to provide pictures and extensive details if only I can get some help.

    Best wishes

    Edit: a picture paints a thousand words NES: set to 256, scrambles NES, set to 255, unscrambled Wii emulator menu (720p), set to 720p, scrambled Wii emulator menu (720p), set to 719p, unscrambled.

    This pattern repeats with every single console I have, from Saturn to PS1 to NES to SNES to XBOX. Scrambled lines on the default resolutions which are resolved by knocking H.Active down by 1, thus breaking usability with the mClassic which is really important to me as Wii looks amazing with it.


    Don’t remember seeing this before. Could be a hardware problem. If it’s on warranty you can have it replaced.


    I’ve only owned it for about 4 weeks so it should still be under warranty. Would be very frustrated as otherwise i’m happy with it, on the default settings it’s more than good enough, but it kind of makes the other 95% of the settings available on the device pretty much a waste of money.
    Would really like some technical troubleshooting before going to the trouble of sending this back 🙁

    Edit: I’ve realised what the problem is, or at least got closer to what the actual problem is, Line 5x etc work great with the mClassic turned off. Stuff goes wrong in a hurry with it turned on. UNLESS the OSSC is at default settings, then it pairs up great (2x) with the mClassic. No more horizontal distorted lines. I mean I guess the mClassic and OSSC probably just don’t play well together with custom timings etc. So that’s out of the way.

    The main problem is that without FirebrandX’s settings, e.g. optimised SNES 256, and using the default timings on the 240p test suite’s checkerboard pattern for example, I have no problem dialing in a crystal clear picture.

    WITH FirebrandX’s settings on the other hand, it’s full of weird interference – no problem right? Just change the sample phase (if that’s what it’s called off the top of my head) – RGB Bob said you just dial it in until you get a crystal clear picture.

    Except I don’t, i’ve been through every point on the 180 sample phase right down to 0 and there is nasty blurring and interference the whole way that just looks completely wrong. I don’t know if this is connected to the problems i’ve had with 4x/5x on Saturn for example, where I get a decent enough picture but Panzer Dragoon or GTA on PS1 both suffer from a strange kind of flickery lag, when you pause it it looks beautiful, when you press play it is kind of nauseating to look at.

    Is there something i’m missing about FirebrandX’s profiles?


    This is happening to all the emulators i’m playing on the Wii… for reference


    Optimized modes (for other consoles) doesn’t work on Wii. It scales (interpolates) the emulators internally, and only outputs it’s own 240p signal (optimised at 429 samplerate).


    Thank you really appreciate that. I eventually came to the same conclusion as i tested Alex kidd on master system on the Wii emulator vs the real thing and found the real console was handled correctly.

    Only problem remaining is the weird flickery choppy picture i get at 5x on Saturn and PS1. Keen to try any suggestions.


    Are you using PAL consoles?


    Yes I’m using pal consoles

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