SD card metal shielding came off. What do?

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    Alright, so, I was trying to update some profiles on my SD cards and I tend to use a little SD card switch to make switching between both sets easier. Well, it seems I must have applied too much pressure when reinserting it, as something appeared to break off. At first, I (perhaps foolishly) believed this to be the entire SD card connector, but that is thankfully not the case.

    Upon closer inspection, however, I found that what did happen was the metal shielding around the connections (the “slot”, if you will) had come off. This still presents a problem, as this is what holds the SD card in place and assures a good connection.


    As you can see above, I have taken to taping it back onto the board, but this is obviously not a very long-term solution. So, what I’m asking is: what do you all think I should do to rectify this? Get it fully replaced? Glue it back? Or did something not truly break and I’m missing something?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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