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    Apologies if this had already been discussed. I’ve been trying to record my genesis gameplay but have always had harsh vertical lines on some colours.

    My current setup produces the jailbars in this video. (Most visible in blue background on most levels)
    My setup is:

    I recently acquired the JVC X’Eye after reading here that it had no jailbars and am quite disappointed with my results. I have tried plugging the scart directly into my lcd TV and get the same results so I suspect the OSSC and capture card are not at issue.

    I had previously been using the same setup but with a US genesis model 2 and original megadrive 2 UK power supply, which produced the jailbars in this video.

    Is there anything (other than hardware mods) about my setup that could be improved to reduce the jailbars?


    I believe the jailbars on the model 1 mega drive is caused by the composite signal interfering with the RBG, and the only way to fix it is to mod your MD lifting one of the legs of the graphics processor.

    However with the X-eye I don’t know if this is the case.

    I have a UK Model 1 MD and has terrible jailbars, and I have a UK Sega Multimega and it has none.


    Thanks very much for the advice. I just received a new scart cable from Retro Gaming cables today and my jailbars are finally gone! I am surprised how much of a difference this has made as my previous scart cable was supposed to also be wired to c-sync specially for the megadrive 2 (X-Eye has the same port).

    If anyone else is having issues with an Avermedia live gamer capture card, I was getting lag during loading screens which caused the video and audio to cut out. I have since swapped to an Elgato Camlink which has allowed me to capture the X-Eye at 4x lines with no issues during loading screens. I’d definitely advise anyone looking to capture megadrive/genesis with an OSSC to get a camlink over a live gamer capture card.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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