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    Hey guys,

    I’m having a weird sync issue with my sega master system 1 (modded with Arcade TV RGB bypass). The sync issue (wobbly screen or no sync) happens when I turn on “sync regeneration” on the gscartsw lite. Connected directly to ossc there’s no issue. I also tested the sync regeneration on a crt and it works perfectly both on and off, so I know it’s the ossc that doesn’t like the signal.

    I was wondering if anyone else experienced this with the Arcade TV board? I have sync regeneration on for all my other consoles and it works fine into the ossc,just SMS giving me issues.

    Here is a video of the ossc when using the SMS with sync regeneration on, on gscartsw lite – As you can see sometimes is syncs (and will give slightly wobbly screen) but more times it doesn’t sync and the ossc screen flashes.

    Cable is RBG SCART csync genesis 1 from Has 470ohm resistor and 220uf cap in scart head.

    Cheers guys


    You shouldn’t need sync regeneration with OSSC, I can’t 100% remember but wasn’t that basically just putting the signal through an additional LPF?


    You’re probably right, I’m pretty sure all the other consoles will work ok with sync regen off, so I’ll leave it off for now and see what happens. It’s actually a digital Altera chip I believe, that detects sync signal in, converts it to voltage perfect csync and outputs it.


    Have you tried changing settings in the Sync opt. menu?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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