Sega saturn 480i aspect ratio issue

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    Hi experts,

    Recently got a saturn for ossc, encountered some issue which i cant solve.

    Much help appreciated.

    My set up as per follow

    Jpn saturn model 1
    RGB packapunch cables csync from retrocablesuk
    Ossc firmware 0.81a

    In 240p aspect ratio are all good in 4:3.

    But when triggered into 480i, 2x (bob) and 4c (bob) displayed as 16:9 or anamorphic as some called it.

    3x just flickers non stop.

    My only concerns are the aspect ratio issue.

    How can i get 4:3, i already fix the line4x mode as generic 4:3 but nothing has changed.

    Any advices appreciated



    No expert here, but it sounds like a quirck related to your display. What TV/monitor are you using? Any chance you can rectify the wrong aspect ratio, by acting directly via its settings?

    I only used PC monitors (1080p and 4K) with the OSSC, so far, and had no problems with them detecting the correct aspect in 480i>bob (both in Line2x and 4x). No luck getting Line3x displaying anything on the 1080p ones – my 4K LG did, though – and I can confirm Passthrough messes things up real bad on all of them (stretching to fullscreen no matter what, and generally producing a pretty awful PQ, due to poor scaling capabilities).


    Samsung TV?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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