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    I’ve been testing an OSSC with a Sony XF900 for a few days. Initially I was playing Sega Rally and I was blown away by the picture. Over the weekend I got copies of Virtua Fighter 2 and Sega Touring cars and I was in for a shock. I think the problem is because these games are interlace instead of progressive, but I’m not sure.

    Basically the image is really jumpy, kind of bouncing up and down. Virtua Fighter 2 for instance is actually OK on the character select screen but the front menu and in game the screen bounced up and down by a few pixels.

    I read to try with the OSSC set to passthru instead of Bob 2x. The image becomes a little softer in passthru but it makes no difference to the jumping.

    Anyone got any ideas?



    An interesting discovery. If I take the TV out of Game Mode and put it into Standard mode and set the OSSC to passthru then the image is amazing, no jumping at all… but the input lag is very noticable. I wonder if Game Mode without the flicker is possible?


    You can’t have nice deinterlacing and low input lag basically, it’s always some compromise between the two.

    I had the chance to try a real consumer CRT in interlace just recently and the flickering is there too, people forget, flat panels have spoiled you in that regard 🙂


    Seems your TV applies bob-deinterlace (same technique as OSSC) in Game mode but adaptive deinterlace in Standard. With the added lag you may still want to get used to the bob-deinterlaced look. Like Bucko says, it is a tradeoff that cannot be avoided.

    One way to perhaps make the bob-deinterlace look more palatable is to set scanlines to alternating, 100% strength. This will make the image more similar to the CRT flicker (every other line will be literally blanked out, just like on an interlaced signal). Ofc, due to many other properties of a LCD vs CRT screen, it can never look identical.


    Appreciate the responses and yes, I agree. I think the flicker is easier to live with than the horrible input lag. OSSC in 2x Bob and the TV in Game Mode is the best option.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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