Simplest way to connect different sources from an Extron?

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    Hey guys,

    Would like your suggestions on the best way to get output from an Extron Crosspoint with mixed input sources into the OSSC.

    I have an Extron Crosspoint with several sources (component and RGB) connected. I bought a BNC to RGBHV cable for output from the extron, and I’ve plugged the VGA connector into an Extron 192.

    Now, I know that AV1 and AV2 are not meant to handle TTL sync voltage, which is what an Extron will output, so I’ve tried connecting the VGA into AV3 – the results were mixed. N64 and Dreamcast RGBS both looked clean and sharp. But PS2/Saturn had interference going on (horizontal lines moving up and down).

    So I had an idea. The OSSC takes RGsB output on AV2 – and the RGB 192 can output RGsB. hooked up this way, I can use all of my sources, and the PS2 and Saturn no longer have the interference issue (probably because of the low pass filter). But if I had to guess, for RGBS signals, the RGB 192 is simply taking the composite sync, with its TTL voltage, and simply moving it over to the Green line, meaning the OSSC is going to be taking too high voltage on that channel, which could damage it over time. I’ve asked Extron for clarification, and am awaiting their response.

    However, I like the convenience of this setup, since I can take component or RGBS sources and feed them all into the OSSC with only one output from the Extron Crosspoint.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the setup as simple as possible without having the sync voltage issue?


    I really don’t think Extron’s engineers would be stupid enough to simply mux TTL sync onto the green line–that would make it way out of spec, like you said. You can probably see this specification in the manual, but RGsB output is going to be 75Ohm, and you shouldn’t run into any issues running everything as RGsB into the OSSC. (And it’ll probably be way cheaper anyway to do BNC to RCA than buy a BNC to SCART cable.)


    Thanks for your help! I agree – the BNC to VGA, and then simply using the BNC to RCA adapters works perfectly and is less expensive than buying a BNC to Scart cable with a resistor, and avoids having to use another output from the Extron just for component sources.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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