SMS2 PAL + OSSC = No Sync, Remove R19 OK

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    I reconnected my Master System 2 PAL (original SCART RGB) to the OSSC but I don’t get a sync.
    I tested 2 original 3085 cables (the same as the Megadrive 1 Pal).
    The cables are good, the console works on my TV in Scart and on the CRT.
    The cables work perfectly on the Megadrive 1 Pal.
    The OSSC scart input works great with all of my other consoles.

    I tested the wiki tips without success:
    “You may need to set the analog sync LPF to 10 or 33MHz for best results.”
    Any ideas please?

    I found a topic which indicated to remove R19 because apparently it cut the sync too early.

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