SNES 5x audio/videos issues across multiple TVs

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    I’ll preface this first by saying I am able to reproduce this issue on 3 different TVs.

    I just got my OSSC and I’m using it with an US SNES mini that is RGB modded, alongside the Insurrection SCART cable. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version, and not done much else really with tinkering, not I would imagine this is some setting I need to change somewhere.

    Whenever I have my OSSC on 5x mode on my TV (Samsung Q55R), the audio and video cut out randomly, and stays on no longer than 10 seconds without a cutout that lasts about 1 full second, then comes back. No issues with 3x. I’m not using 2x and 4x cause I don’t like how they stretch the display to 16:9.

    So far I’ve tried the following:
    – Different SCART cable
    – Different HDMI cable
    – Different HDMI input on my TV
    – Different game

    Happens on all 4. So I decided that the only thing I can narrow it down further is to try another TV (a 65″ Samsung 4K TV and a 40″ Samsung 1080p TV). On the 40″, the 5x mode doesn’t flicker video but it does cut out audio randomly. The 65″ doesn’t flicker either video or audio but has a massive amount of artifacting on the TV, like if you had a dying GPU in a PC.

    So what settings should I change from here to fix this?


    I’d suggest having a good old read starting here. It took me a while to realise that the reason the OSSC has all these fiddly settings is to try and allow as much compatibility as possible with displays. It’s highly likely that there’s a particular setting or combination of settings that will solve your problem but it takes some sleuthing around.


    Thanks. I’ve looked through that already to get an idea of the settings but didn’t change much.

    Since then, I’ve loaded up FirebrandX’s profiles for the SNES 256 and still having the exact same issues. Is there a way to do a diagnostic on the OSSC to test anything on there? Cause I know it’s not the TV or any of the cables (unless it’s an insane coincidence it’s happening to multiple cables and multiple TVs).


    I’m not using 2x and 4x cause I don’t like how they stretch the display to 16:9.

    It’s not the OSSC, it’s your TV doing the stretching. Set it to 4:3 mode.

    I think the solition for your SNES is the dejitter mod. The jittery sync gets harder to handle at higher line multiplication.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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