SNES Color Bleed over SCART

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    I got my OSSC in yesterday and it works great but I’m running into an issue with the SNES.

    I hooked it up with my SCART cable and I’m noticing that there is a color bleed of one pixel to the right and one pixel down which is giving everything a drop shadow effect.

    I’ve tried changing the sampling phase, the analog LPF to medium (which actually helped a bit), even tried some of the HPLL coast values but they just moved the entire image.

    Based upon the SNES’ serial number it is NOT a 1-chip console. (I don’t have a gamebit screwdriver to open it and directly check) Turns out using Lion King’s debug mode/code it IS ACTUALLY a 1-chip!

    Here is an example of what I’m seeing: Snes SCART color bleed


    Looks normal to me for a non-1-chip. So optimized mode never looks particularly good for those models, imo.

    Edit: btw, Marqs will include a de-blur filter for SNES (first designed by paulb_nl) in next FW release, which should improve the image quite a bit.


    Yep looks the same as my non 1-chip. I’ve been beta testing the de-blur though and it does make quite a difference.


    Whelp, it turns out that my SNES is indeed a 1-chip. I’m getting the 2/1/3 for the CPU/PPU1/PPU2. My console has a serial of UN2########### though which is why I assumed it was not a 1-chip.

    That said, I wonder why I’m getting the blur in FFIII. (aka FFVI)

    I never played FFIII enough back in the day to know if that is normal.


    It is not a 1-chip. The 2/1/3 chip revision was originally found on much earlier multi-chip SNESes (basically any model except first (original) revision).
    See e.g.

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