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    I’m handy with a soldering iron and I can follow a guide, but I honestly have no idea how to troubleshoot something like this. I followed the SHVC-CPU-01 guide here.

    After installing the mod I powered on the system with no game and it powered on to a blank screen but no video. I turned it off and then put a game in it and the power light didn’t come on this time. I then tested the main fuse and it no longer had continuity. I have a spare fuse, but I don’t want to put it back in until I know why it blew. I attached some images of my work and board revision. Did I do something wrong? If I have to is it likely the SNES will work again if I put the components back that I removed for the mod?



    Pictures didn’t work. Here is a link to them.

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    I chased this up for you with a SNES expert and here’s what he had to say:-

    It’s more than likely nothing to worry about regarding the mod as SNES fuses can and do easily blow if you don’t discharge the console before working on it. You can tell that it has discharged as the LED will briefly flash when turned on and off for the first time with no power connected.

    Make sure that you have definitely isolated the back side of the de-jitter board as that could also cause the fuse to blow due to creating a short circuit somewhere.

    Hope that helps!


    Oh wow, sorry for the necro bump, but that’s golden information you’ve passed on Bucko. Thank you!

    I thought I was personally cursed because 90% of the time I work on my SNESes I have to replace that damn fuse.

    On one occasion, I went in ONLY to replace the fuse, and ended up having the replace the fuse again after I put the case back together. 🙂

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