SNES Mini RGB Mod w/ THS7314 – 1.2k Pull-Down Resistors Necessary?

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    So the OSSC, has of course made me realize the inferiority of some of my collection. One weak point was my early model SNES. The blurriness would not stand! So, I grabbed a SNES Mini and just did a quick and dirty RGB upgrade, with a homemade 7314 amp. Per the guide here, 1.2k pull-down resistors are supposed to be used on the inputs:

    SNES Mini DIY Amp Bypass

    I didn’t have any on-hand, ordered some off ebay, but they won’t be here til Thursday and I got impatient to do the mod.

    Well, with the mod complete except for those 1.2k resistors, I’m wondering if they’re really needed. Can someone take a look and give an opinion? Below are the 240p test suite color bars, and a couple screenshots from video captures.

    I am also extremely excited that line5x is again working on my TV. Flashing to firmware .81 overrode whatever profile I had been using to achieve line5x on the early model SNES, and I couldn’t get it back (even flashing back to .80). It’s working flawlessly and looking glorious in 256×240 opt. mode and 8:7 ratio. 😀


    Honestly we have started scoping all the SNES consoles we RGB mod here and we’ve found some that required no resistors too. I think it varies a lot.


    With the OSSC you do not need the resistors because you can tweak Video Pre-ADC gain and R/G/B gains. Its difficult to see on your photo but it looks like the brightest white bars are distinct so its not clipping.


    Good info, thanks guys. I agree, it’s good as it is. Anybody need 100 1.2k ohm resistors? lol More components for the “random may-need-them-someday component” bin.

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