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    Hi i recently purchased an OSSC and have been amazed by it. Ive used it on Xbox, PS1, GC and Snes with great results paired with the fantastic cables from RGC. However i went to play NBA Jam on the snes tonight and noticed a weird issue with the screen. The basketball court seems to be almost doubled up when the players are moving, if i pause the game everything lines up perfectly but as soon as i unpause again it happens. Its like seeing double but only for the lower portion of the screen where the court markings/line are. Im using a Pal machine and have tried both the Pal and NTSC versions of the game on my FXPAK Pro and lots of different settings on the OSSC and nothing changes it.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue at all? I ask here as ive already searched teh SD2Snes/FXPAK Pro forums and nobody has reported this issue there. I have a US SNES and a Super Famicom stored away, i will get them out tomorrow and see if i get the same issue.
    I will trya nd get some pictures or a video to post tomorrow so you can see what is happening.


    We actually played NBA Jam quite recently on the SNES and didn’t notice anything like this, strange….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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