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    Yovan Basurto

    i have some issues. I downloaded firebrandx settings and 4X has shimmering no matter what. Is there a setting for me to apply that gets rid of shimmering 256 settings x4?

    Firebrandx 512 settings in x5 mode is stunning!!!! OMG is sooooo brilliant! is leagues about any other setting except the aspect ratio! I know i know x5 isn’t a perfect 1080 so it cuts the top and bottom or zooms in but man i wish i could play this way but still have the whole picture. Anyone know how?

    if i change it to 1200 it doesn’t look as good but it does fill the screen. Wish i could have it both ways. : (


    Adjusting phase did not alleviate the shimmering?
    I suppose you could try adjusting sample rate by some decimal fraction. But 341 on the dot should be sharp.

    If you want to enjoy 1200 vertical, better to get a 4k monitor/TV. Otherwise, use x4 mode.

    Yovan Basurto

    hi i’ll try adjusting phase and that stuff. I don’t really know much about that. I just downloaded firebrandx 256 settings and its default x4 causes shimmering. I’ll mess with it.

    I do own a 4k tv. I have an oled lg c8. in 1080p 5x it looks STUNNING! But it cuts part of the top and bottom picture. : (

    When i put it in 1200 it restores the lost sections but doesn’t hold a candle to how gorgeous 1080p 5x mode is.

    Any way to use the 1200 options so the whole picture shows up on screen but looking as amazing as the 1080p?

    Yovan Basurto

    can anyone help with this? much appreciated. it’s been driving me a bit nuts. Or can i not get the same razor sharp image as 1080p without losing the top and bottom?


    This is just how your C8 is processing the difference between 1200 versus 1080. It probably is treating your settings differently for different resolutions. I know on my B6 on the same input using the same profile if my image switches from 1080p to 1200p it doesn’t have the same Color, Tint, Sharpness, Brightness, Contrast, OLED Light, Gamma, etc. It also reverts the zoom setting. Make sure it’s doing Just Scan and Original aspect ratio, and I’d write down your settings for a 1080p image and make sure the 1200p is using the same settings.

    Yovan Basurto

    I figured it out!!!! First in 1080p the tv would automatically switch to rgb color while my tv is set to limited. Thus giving me a colorful picture that seemed better. The 1600×1200 and 1960×1200 mode were set to limited. So after fixing that it wasn’t right yet but the colors were even across all modes. Then I went to the phase Option and started messing with it and got it! So now I have the correct aspect in 1960×1200 with the pixels sharp and right color.

    Can it be sharper? Maybe if I mess with the settings but right now it looks goooooood. So ain’t going to mess with it. It’s really nice now.

    Now if I can do some magic with my Wii I’m set. Lol. That system still looks blurry as all hell.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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