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    Is there any way to get some form of SPDIF output using the existing hardware?

    I’ve been struggling to find a way to mix the OSSC’s output and my desktop audio, for the sake of streaming. Most methods I have result in a huge amount of noise, and the only method I’ve found that can isolate it is SPDIF.

    The issue is at present, I need a device to split the SPDIF signal from the HDMI output. For whatever reason, this results in a bit of noise further back in the chain. I have no idea what causes it, but it does.

    Would there be any possibility of using the audio jack as an SPDIF output over TRS->RCA jack?
    This would almost definitely result in a cleaner output, and removes an extra device from my chain.



    My [limited] understanding is that the OSSC provides I²S audio to the HDMI transmitter chip; so, if you’re looking to retrofit S/PDIF output to a 1.6 OSSC, you would need some way of either tapping or duplicating that signal and running it to a daughterboard with an IC to convert that I²S to S/PDIF and either a coaxial or TOSLINK output.

    I also think a board revision with S/PDIF output (I’d prefer TOSLINK) would be a natural compliment to the request for digital audio input.


    Damn, that’s a bit more complicated than I’m personally able I think. Thanks for the insight.

    I’d be in the camp of both coaxial S/PDIF and TOSLINK together if it was added in a revision, mainly due to audio capture. Since I use a Vision E1S to capture from the OSSC, I’ve got to use some other method of capturing audio. TOSLINK capture is *extremely* rare, and I’ve only ever found one piece of hardware that can do it (ESI U24XL). Conversely, coaxial S/PDIF input is fairly common.


    My setup looks like this:

    OSSC -> AVR -> HDMI Splitter with Audio Extractor -> PC with Optical Input (via separate Soundcard)

    I’m also getting a little noise when the game is completely quiet, while there is no (noticable) noise over my home theatre, but I’m certain this is because of the analog to digital conversion which is inevitable.
    Your best bet is equipping your consoles with an optical audio output, which is pretty simple to do on most consoles. Then you’d have to get a Toslink switch, theoretically there should be absolutely no noise with that setup.

    For merging the audio with your PC you’d just have to get a cheap soundcard with an optical input, I’ve had success with a 20 buck soundcard from LogiLink (this one). But since this soundcard has problems with some encodings specifically the encodings of most games on the PS3, I had to get an older internal PCIe card (Creative X-Fi Titanium) which works with every console I have. And since the SPDIF input is listed as recording device, you can simply mix it with OBS so you can easily use it for streaming.

    The newer Creative Soundblaster AE-5 and AE-9 also have optical inputs, while they aren’t cheap, they provide pretty good sound quality and have replacable op amps, which might be worth considering if you don’t have a good DAC+AMP combo already.

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