Square pixel option for 480p in sampler

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    This option would comply with the NTSC square pixel timings as used by the original Xbox for 640×480 games.

    H. samplerate: 780
    H. synclen: 59
    H. backporch: 58
    H. active: 640
    V. synclen: 6
    V. backporch: 32
    V. active: 480

    The active area is ≈26.07 μs wide, corresponding to a 704 pixel wide active area with regular ITU-R/SMPTE timings.

    The sync and back porch might need tweaking from the above settings to better comply with the precise sync and porch lengths (I don’t know exactly how far after sync SAV is on the Xbox). But the above timings center the image with both the OSSC (verified using the horizontal and vertical masks) and my display.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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