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    I’m getting an odd image glitch when connecting the OSSC to a Crestron HD-Scaler. I’d seen the scaler used by several others to help enhance OSSC compatibility with other devices, and in that regard, it’s been working excellently, as it comfortably recognises and consistently displays my stock 1-chip SNES (though the audio drops out a lot, but there are easy ways around that), and already I’ve been able to get more modes working on my TV, which already had pretty good compatibility.

    However, when using my SNES, Mega Drive, and PS1 games on my PS2, I get this happen:

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    It stays exactly like this with no flickering around (although that errant line between the sections can do a little and sometimes retains some previous frame)

    I’ve done some testing, and here’s the information which seems to be affecting things:

    My consoles are PAL, so of course it’s 288p, 50Hz – I tested PS2 Mega Man X Collection (NTSC region game) through Free MCBoot and my Game Boy Player with GBI, and those were fine
    I typically use 5x and 4x for SDTV progressive games without this scaler, and this issue seems to only happen on resolutions coming from the OSSC which exceed 720p – 4x and 5x, but also happens on 3x if I fiddle around with the settings
    It doesn’t happen with interlaced or 480p (tested with my PS2 and Dreamcast respectively)
    And the distance of the tear is different depending on various settings; changing the samplerate, H-synclength, H-backporch and even the V settings can make it change – I can sort of visually fix this by increasing the image width in the OSSC until they line up, but then the image is offset on my screen too, with odd white bars along the right side of the screen like piano keys where there’s no actual image (clearly this isn’t a real fix, just a band-aid).
    I’ve also tried all the different scaling options on the Crestron itself, but they all just scale this wonky image as it is.

    It’s possible the others I’d seen using this were using NTSC consoles – but I hope this isn’t such a hard compatibility issue.

    Does anyone else here use the Crestron HD-scaler with PAL consoles, or has anyone seen a tear like this before on other devices and know what’s going on? Could there be some kind of fix?
    And if there’s any other important info I’ve not included here, then I’ll be happy to provide or investigate that.

    Many thanks.


    It could be that Crestron assumes all resolutions > 720p must be 60hz since there were no 50hz PC resolutions that high.

    Is there a frame lock option on the device? Try toggling it off and on.


    That could make sense. There doesn’t seem to be that option in the menu though, unfortunately.

    It does report the input framerate as being 50Hz. But of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the conversion process is handling it as such.

    You can set its output resolution specifically to 1920x1080p@50Hz instead, but unfortunately that doesn’t have any effect on the glitch.


    Which version of the software are you using for the Crestron?


    The firmware? I’m not sure if this is the latest, but 1.2124.00017.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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