Strange Behavior on Console Power off/Reset.

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    Hello, I am using an N64 with Advanced RGB mod outputting YPbPr into OSSC 1.6a fw and capturing HDMI with a usb3hdcap with updated official drivers on Windows 10, tried both OBS capture and Amarec. I am using a Retro-Access YPbPr pass through cable for my N64 into a component distribution amplifier. I’ve tested going straight into the OSSC, however, and have observed the same things. I just noticed that when I turn off my console, whatever is on the screen freezes and then starts flashing, like this when normally it should just turn off and then turn into this no signal screen:

    There is no audio on that clip but If I go into my capture card settings and choose the embedded audio in HDMI option (audio being fed from RCA to 3.5mm into A2 in of the OSSC), it misses the “It’s a-me” of the Super Mario 64 start up, so the audio doesn’t start until he says the word Mario. I also don’t see the horizontal blinds effect when resetting on Super Mario 64, it just freezes then goes black then resets. When the console is off the LCD says “AV2_YPbPr NO SYNC” and the LED normally goes red but I have seen it stay green before. When the console is on it displays normal sync information just fine. I’m not sure if it has to do with initial input/auto detect input settings but I have tried a few different combinations and it always does this same thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I should also note that I only use the OSSC for capturing purposes.


    I’ve seen similar behaviour on capture cards but no idea how to fix it, doesn’t really bother me so I’ve not looked into it further.

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