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    This one’s been a doozy and I’d like a second opinion.

    I had been running my OSSC unit just fine on my old 4:3 Dell monitor (Model 1908FPb). But then after rearranging the room and fixing a monitor stand, it suddenly stopping piping video, as in no Signal or “Entering Standby Mode” in this case. Can’t even get the test pattern to show. Yeah, I bumped a thing or two around – monitor and OSSC included – but I wouldn’t say with deadly force. I didn’t do anything different but here I am at a loss after hooking everything back together.

    – I tried hooking up the target Dell monitor to my PC and Steam Link, same cable, same setup. Both worked fine.
    – Still nothing from OSSC to Dell monitor so I hooked up the OSSC to my LG monitor. Worked flawlessly.
    – I reset OSSC to default settings. Still nothing on the Sell monitor.

    Still no signal to Dell monitor after all this. BUT I did notice the monitor catching some signal, making the monitor leave and activate standby. Regardless, no picture. It’s weird also because I haven’t updated or changed OSSC’s firmware, just whatever came out-of-the-box.

    I’m considering updating the firmware on it but otherwise I don’t know what to do next. Help, please.


    Tough pickle, but two things you can check:
    You are connected to the same input on the display (if it has more than one)?
    Did you try both DVI and HDMI mode?


    Yeah, same input as the monitor tells me. It offers DVI(preffered) and VGA inputs but only auto-detects and uses the active one, meaning no input changing options. In fact, the Dell monitor won’t let me make any tweaks in its menu when there’s no image nor when on standby.
    And yeah, I tried tweaking TX modes to no avail. Tried it again just now for safe measure. Normally it’s on ‘DVI’ for this setup as this is how I got it to work initially.

    I also tried using a separate, known-working HDMI cable with a F-to-F DVI-HDMI coupler. Nothing. But like before, it worked fine with my PC and Steam Link. I’m starting to see a pattern here…


    Could be ESD damage to the HDMI transmitter chip, this sometimes causes similar behaviour.


    Hmmm, very plausible. I may have mishandled the device as I suddenly rearranged the room.
    Though do you think it would be cause for the OSSC to be this picky with displays too? As shown, it seems to work fine with my LG Ultrawide display. It doesn’t like my old LCD TV though. Of course, I’ve made sure the proper TX mode was set in each test.

    Time to consider my options. More than likely a replacement unit will be in order. I appreciate everyone’s input.


    Try to put an active HDMI switch/splitter between the OSSC and monitor. If the problem is that the OSSC is not able to supply enough voltage for the monitor then the switch’s voltage might fix it.


    Sorry to ghost you guys and for this necro but I have important news.

    I got it working again! The same Dell panel still won’t work on its own, no. So I threw a “middle man” between monitor and OSSC: a portable capture card with HDMI passthrough out. From capture card to monitor, got a picture like in day 1.

    Thanks to paulb_nl for nailing the solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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