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    i’m looking for advise and thoughts on my current situation.

    Here are the consoles i mostly play, in order of play time: NES/N64/Snes/Genesis
    All my consoles are unmodified NTSC.

    Few months ago, a had no clue that i could buy a component cable for my snes and genesis nor an svideo cable for my n64, therefore, following Mike’s flowchart on the retrotink website, i bought a Retrotink 2x Pro Multiformat, since i was only using composite output. I guess i could’ve got myself a mini but i liked the extra potential feature of scanlines and the website said the 2x Pro M had a better composite signal processing.

    But now that i know i can get a component signal from my snes/genesis i’m wondering if i made the right choice. Would a Retrotink 2x Pro be the better choice for me? Knowing that ill be using compnent for my snes/gen, svideo for the n64 and composite for the NES

    I’m not a big fan of smoothing effect, i like my pixels to be sharp.
    That being said, would an OSSC be the better solution? I’m tempted by the OSSC but i’m stuck with my composite NES and SVideo N64.

    In understand most of this comes down to preferences but i’m thinking of these potential options for me, i’d like some thoughs.
    1- My current 2x Pro M is fine and should just enjoy my games
    2- I buy an OSSC for my SNES/GEN and use the 2x Pro M for my NES and N64 (or potentially sell the Pro M and get a 2x mini)
    3- I get the Retrotink 2x Pro instead as an all in one solution.
    4- other option?

    Any input would be appreciated.



    The 2xPro-M is recommended for 6th Gen consoles, 3D graphics and 480p PassThru so given you don’t play those games I’d probably choose the 2xPro. The 2xPro has nearest neighbour scaling so the image should be sharper compared to 2xPro-M. Nearest neighbour scaling is normally a good choise for 2D graphics.
    The OSSC might be a good option but never looked into it. It’s more expensive and less of a “plug and play” solution.
    Also the TINK-mini doesn’t do scan lines in case you like that option 🙂


    Thanks for your input! It’s appreciated.
    That’s correlates with what i’ve been reading around lately…

    Do you have hands on experience in comparing the 2x Pro vs the 2x Pro-M?

    I wonder if the difference is significant enough for me to change to the non-multiformat version.

    I guess the best way would be for me to try them both and come up with my own conclusion.

    Anybody else have thoughts or hands on experience comparing any of those products?


    not got the 2xPro to compare I’m afraid.

    I see what you mean about the flow chart indicating the 2xPro-M is better for composite because of the improved composite decoder, which kinda clouds over the difference between nearest neighbour and bilinear scaling.

    So if you play NES most, maybe the composite from the 2xPro-M is a good choice.

    I doubt there’s a big difference between 2xPro and 2xPro-M with component. Both should look really good compared to composite. Maybe wait to get the component cables and just see how much better the SNES/Genesis look. And then decide if the 2xPro or OSSC might be worth it.


    That’s def a reasonable approach that i hadn’t even considered!

    Yeah, it seems those component cables are not so easy to get anyway. So i will enjoy my current setup until i get a hold of those nice component cables and then reassess if i’m satisfied or not.

    Thanks for the input.

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