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    Hey everyone, I’m a newbie in the video scalers/retrogaming scene but i have been having problems with connecting a Super Famicom with the OSSC.
    On my main TV, the image constantly goes off and on, and it happens less if i use 5X. Sadly i found out i need a mod to fix that.
    But my main problem is when im playing on my PC monitor, a SAMSUNG U28R550UQU (4K), the OSSC works fine but the image is full of noise and the pixels look blurry… like playing Super Mario World everything has a blur to the right… I bought NTSC C-SYNC cables from Retro Gaming Cables, so i guess the cables are well built and correct, but i dunno what to do more.. Does anyone have any idea to what it could be?


    SNES output is a bit blurry normally, unless you have a 1-chip revision. If you’re running optimized mode it could also be the sample phase needs adjusting. Finally, if you say there’s noise it could be bad cable (less likely considering your case), or you have an especially bad mobo revision (APU is the worst IIRC), or your console needs a recap, or you have a bad power supply (or all of the above).

    Yovan Basurto

    getting the sample phase right with those old SNES is a total freaking nightmare. in fact the sample phase part of the OSSC is the worse part of the OSSC.


    Sample phase is not needed in generic modes. My guess is this is simply the subpar RGB output of the SNES unfortunately.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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