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    Hello, I am using a Super Famicom with a RGB Scart cable from
    I have it hooked up to the AV1 Scart socket on the OSSC. The OSSC is running firmware 0.86a. When
    I play games and there is a dark scene, I see vertical bars across the entire screen, They are present
    in every scene but less noticible unless it’s black/dark.

    The second issue I have audio is always buzzing, humming and clicking, at all times in all games,
    please check the first video for an example. I have tested the SFC connected directly to a SDTV and
    it plays great with no audio issues and a clean image (see second video).

    Can anyone help or offer some suggestions. I am running out of ideas.

    OSSC SFC Audio/Video Issues Video

    SFC Direct Connection to SDTV, No Issues Video

    Lines on dark scene 1
    Lines on dark scene 2

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    Looks like jailbars

    Also have a look through the google results for “SNES jailbars” to get more info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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