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    My SFC is equipped with a csync cable and I noticed that most of the games played with it lose sync (black screen) from time to time. When it does this, before going black some thin red lines will flash on the screen too. It usually depends on what part of the game is being played. This problem ONLY appears on 2x mode 4:3 all other modes work just fine. I tried to play with the h. samplerate and actually got it work, but then a big chunk of the screen is cut. Also tried basically everything else possible. I don’t remember having this problem with a PAL SNES.


    Does the OSSC lose sync (red light on or Hz changing) or only your TV? This might be related to the sync jitter on NTSC SNES. PAL SNES only have sync jitter with interlaced mode.

    Is it a 1-CHIP SFC? Can you post the link to the CSYNC cable?


    OSSC is not losing the sync, in fact it’s only the TV. If my memory serves me right, I think I purchased the cable from I can’t actually say for sure if it was a one with CSYNC or not. the SFC is not a 1-CHIP model. Should I try a CSYNC cable from retrogamingcables or are there some other tips for adjusting the settings on OSSC? For clarification, this problem only persists with 2x mode.


    If its only the TV that loses sync then its most likely the sync jitter from the SFC although its weird that it only happens on line2X.

    Try a different display and also try to use your PAL RGB cable on your SFC to see if it still happens.

    When you changed H.samplerate did you also change If your TV supports then it will change the screen width.


    Hi Good day, I’ve had a few issues with sync with my NTSC SNES on the OSSC also my cable was CSYNC and I also had one with Sync on Composite in some cases that gave me some jitter on the screen and even some audio and Sync issues, What I could recomend you is getting a “Sync on luma” cable I had no issues with my OSSC or Sync after I change my cable.

    If you have the Skills you can change a “Sync on Composite” cable to a “Sync on luma” easily.
    But You can also just buy the cable online as far as I know this helped me a lot and I havent had any issues since then.

    PD. Make shure your cables are shielded becasue sometimes that can affect the video and audio quality of the image/sound.
    Also check if the cable is loose or somethin inside, That also happend me once with a saturn cable.


    Well, I actually got it work while I spent more time tweaking the advanced timings. Now there’s no screen cut out and it also works with Elgato HD. If anyone else is having this problem with their TV, here are my settings for my Samsung TV PS43F4505:

    H.backporch 59 720
    v.synclen 5
    V.backporch 19 240
    H.samplerate 920
    H.synclen 97

    EDIT: Here’s some video footage just for fun
    download it for 60fps playback.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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