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    I’ve had my OSSC for half a year now, and plugged in my Super Famicom for the first time tonight. For some reason, the console will not sync with the OSSC at all…

    I am using an Insurrection SCART cable to connect to my OSSC, and it is stuck on “NO SYNC” when switching to AV1. The same exact cables work perfectly for my RGB modded Famicom (without de-jitter mod), but for some reason my Super Famicom is not working at all with the OSSC (not my TV, but the OSSC itself is not even reading it). It was my understanding that Super Famicoms did not need to be modded for RGB SCART support…

    My firmware is 0.82a.

    For reference, these are the cables I am using:

    Do you have any ideas what might be happening here? Thank you for your help.

    Edit: I fixed the problem myself. Here’s what happened.

    My cartridge did not have a good connection to the pins inside of the Super Famicom console, and unlike the AV RGB Famicom mod I have, the OSSC does not read the Super Famicom at all until it gets a solid connection with the game. It must be a strange way that the Super Famicom sends out a signal, which is different from the AV Famicom. Anyway, jiggling the cart around until the console got a solid read on it fixed the problem. Sorry for the trouble.


    …the OSSC does not read the Super Famicom at all until it gets a solid connection with the game.

    I think it’s not that the OSSC doesn’t understand the signal being output, rather the Super Famicom isn’t outputting anything because it’s not properly detecting the cartridge.


    Thanks for the input. Hmmm, interesting.

    Strangely enough, the OSSC reads my RGB modded AV Famicom even without a cartridge as long as the power switch is on (it shows a black screen, but it at least gets an input)… The SNES just kept syncing as if there was no signal to it at all, which is why I jumped to an incorrect conclusion. I will trust your assessment, even though I can’t understand why the Famicom would behave any differently from the Super Famicom. Regardless, glad it was just a problem with the connection of the game rather than something more financially debilitating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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