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    Hey ive Long used my OSSC for streaming SNES with RGB.

    Ive always had this problem where my SCART input is way to sensitive. Any slight adjustment on the cable and the connection becomes unstable or broken. So i can sit in a steram and then suddenly i lose signal… All i have to do is touch the cable and i can lose signal. Almost as if the port is loose or broken. I have to have the scart cable in the perfect spot or else I will lose my signal. The signal seems most stable when it is half out the socket but when i do that everything gets a yellow tint.

    I have opened it up and cleaned all parts and even cleaned the scart port with Computer Duster. I bought it Pre assembled and worked like a sharm but this problem came creeping in slowly without me really noticing and my warrenty is long gone… I have also switched out my splitter and tried many other scart cables of all shapes and sized but nothing helped. When I plug in the scart cable it is not a super tight fit, I can wiggle the cable quite a bit so im guessing my problem lies there.

    I added a Video showing my problem:

    Anyone of you had any similar issues or if it is easy replacing the scart port to BNC or another scart port?
    please help


    It’s possible that one of the solder joints on the SCART input needs to be reflowed. If you bought yours from VGP, use the Contact Us form linked in the main navigation to get in touch with BuckoA51 to arrange something.


    Thank you for the response and I send a message using the Contact us form so now im just waiting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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