Supergun for OSSC?

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    Is there a supergun known to work with the OSSC? HAS is supposed to be the best but currently unavailable. I only need RGB out and separate audio out.


    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but the OSSC should be able to take anything that’s SCART-compliant; so, if your supergun outputs audio and video within the ranges defined by the SCART spec, then the OSSC should be fine.

    The only supergun that I would probably recommend against using is that Windy Gaming (Windy City Gaming? I don’t remember; sorry) one that had an unlabeled switch that let you toggle between line-level and amplified audio on the SCART port (WHY?! There is no reason to put amplified audio on SCART), and people ended up unknowingly feeding way-out-of-spec amplified audio into their gscart switches and blowing an IC or something.


    I’m a little gun shy because my CBOX CMVS fried my OSSC. 🙁


    Sorry to jump in on your post but I was looking for this same info.

    I’m thinking about getting the Retroelectronik Supergun and was wondering if it was compatible. I don’t want to invest in the OSSC and then fry it with the supergun.


    No problem keyvisuals. The comments here say the Retroelectronik doesn’t attenuate RGBS properly:

    Great video on the Retroelectronik supergun from crtgaming

    The Windy Gaming or MAK Strike superguns are the best choices currently from what I can gather. The former has a fan and no audio output separate from the RGB port. The latter has a voltage spike issue but still seems like the best choice overall.


    I used a retroelektronic. It worked well, but with interference in the image. Many have reported various quality-related issues with their RE’s, and the seller does not respond to support requests. I didn’t have any quality issues other than the interference showing up in the video, but just be warned.

    I’m now using a MAK Strike, and it works great. Feature rich, good price point, and no interference in the video output.


    That voltage spike hasn’t given you any trouble? Do you use the built in power switch to turn it on?


    That voltage spike hasn’t given you any trouble? Do you use the built in power switch to turn it on?

    If you’re asking me, I’ve got a HAPP arcade PSU wired directly to the terminal blocks of the MAK Strike. I don’t use the MAK’s built-in power switch, but rather the on-off switch of a surge protector that the HAPP PSU is plugged in to.


    I’m told that’s the correct way around the voltage spike issue.

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