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    I am trying to interface my american Commodore PET 4032 to the OSSC, and it won’t work with the same home made cable from user port to VGA that does works with several multiscan monitors I have, CRT, LCD and even a Plasma display. The signal is TTL pure monochrome with independent 20Khz Horizontal 60Hz Vertical sync.

    Is detecting a 20Khz signal, but it won’t render anything, I tried to play with several options.

    I saw in tech specs that 15Khz, 25Khz and 31Khz are supported, please support 20Khz as well, or even better, continuous refresh range, some computers like an Acorn are capable of generating any sync range.



    Probably what is happening here is that your digital display can’t make sense of such an image. In this instance OSSC would only be digitising but that’s a very strange signal I can not think many displays would support it.


    These displays can manage the signal straight without OSSC just fine, they all have RGB inputs, but I’m only using the green pin. using the same cable, OSSC will detect the 20KHz but it won’t render anything. The goal is to capture the PET from the OSSC with an HDMI capture device.

    That’s why I am requesting this as a feature, because is OSSC the one not supporting properly this particular scan rate.


    Could you post information (line count, H/V rates) shown on the character display? As BuckoA51 said, the problem most likely is with the display / capture device since OSSC is only capable of multiplying lines which may not result even close to 480p etc. standard with more exotic sources like PET 4032.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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