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    Heya i have this problem that my capture card Detects a line 3x signal as BGR instead of RGB and i cannot swap it in obs or capture card software. I have looked everywere for a solution and my last resort is to request a feature to ossc that lets you swap RGB signals.

    Btw it looks perfectly normal in Line 2x and 4x mode. Im trying to capture Super famicom with Csync using PEXHDCAP60L
    you can see my post in OSSC support for more details about my problem.

    This is how it currently looks. If i were to swap Red and blue channels it would look good. unfortunately i have not found any way of doing that. Not in OBS and not in my capture card software so please add this funciton to OSSC or help me fix this problem all together. But my try in posting a post in the support forum did not help much…


    I recall bumping into this issue with SC-512N1 with certain lineX / optimized mode configurations. One workaround there was using different surface format, but that had a few drawbacks and might not be available on other cards. I’ll have to check if a simple R<->B swap compabibility fix could be added on the firmware.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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