Sync drops in 480p mode with PS2/ Wii

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    I am getting frequent black screens (every ~10 minutes or so) running 480p content via passthrough through the OSSC on both the Wii and PS2.

    The consoles are PAL.

    For the PS2, I’m using the RGB Csync cable from through a basic passive SCART switch into the OSSC using Sync on Green mode. For the Wii, I plug it in using the official component cables straight into the OSSC.

    The problem of frequent picture blackouts does *not* appear for PS2 / PS1 games that run in 576i (with passthrough) or 288p (with linex2). It’s only if the game is running in 480p (or 576p on the Wii using homebrew software).

    Plugging the cables straight into the TV’s component/Scart inputs also doesn’t exhibit the problem but the TV doesn’t support Sync on Green for SCART or 288p for Component making it very inconvenient.

    The HDMI cable I use is the one Nintendo boxed with the Nintendo Switch. Also tried a different HDMI cable with no improvement.

    My TV is an older JVC 720p LT-37A80ZU

    I tried fiddling with the following options:
    Setting Analog sync LPF to off
    Setting Video LPF to 16MHz
    Setting Allow TVP HPLL2x to Off
    Setting H-PLL Pre-Coast and H-PLL Post-Coast to various values higher than the default, including maxing out at 5

    Are they any other settings I can adjust to make the signal stay consistently?

    Edit: it’s an OSSC 1.6 with latest firmware


    You may have 2 separate issues.

    PS2 – is it set to RGB output? Also, the csync cable web page notes that it has a sync cleaner built in. The general rule is to not use a sync cleaner with the OSSC. However, the webpage says it is compatible with OSSC. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

    Wii – have you tried changing ‘480p in sampler’ (under <sampling opt>)? I have mine set to DTV 480p. I frankly am not certain that is the best for the wii, but it works. I believe I did some research and adjusted settings to be correct for what the wii outputs, but don’t remember for certain. What I’m trying to say is, these settings work for me, but don’t take them to be the absolute best optimization.

    That said, below is what I also have for <sampling opt> -> 480p timing (this probably needs to be 576p timing for PAL)?

    H. Samplerate – 858
    H. Synclen – 62
    H. Backporch – 58
    H. Active – 720
    V. Synclen – 6
    V. Backporch – 30
    V. Active – 480 (this probably has to be 576 for PAL?)

    And lastly, <sampling opt> -> sampling phase – 180 degrees

    Also, <sampling opt> -> ‘Allow upsample 2x’ is a nice feature to turn on, in my opinion, but won’t have any effect on your blackout issues.

    Then again, this may be completely unhelpful due to NTSC vs. PAL, but hopefully it helps.


    Does the light on the OSSC change when the sync dropout occurs?


    Hi, thanks for your suggestions!

    As for the detailed 480p settings, everything except H.Backporch was already at that value. I adjusted it.

    Does the light on the OSSC change when the sync dropout occurs?

    I tried looking at it but either it was too quick or indeed the light doesn’t change. The drops are rarer than I had in memory, maybe once every hour or so


    Really at a bit of a loss

    I’d try with another TV just to rule out any possibility that there’s a fault with your unit.


    I tried replicating the issue by connecting the OSSC to my computer monitor but there have been no drop outs.

    Also, the drops also apparently happen on my GameCube. So it’s not a 480p problem after all. Oh well, it was time for a new TV a long time ago anyway


    I had a similar issue when I was running my sources through two YPbPr switches. Going through one was fine, going through two meant occasional dropouts.


    In troubleshooting a problem I had with my receiver I found something that fixed the Wii dropout issues I used to have. I changed the H. Sample Rate from 858 to 847 (480i) and 849 (480P). I can’t explain how that made it go away, but it did seem to work.

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