Sync issues with my N64 (US / RGB mod)

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    Hi everyone, I just received my OSSC today and while SNES is working great, there are issues with my N64 (US with RGB mod).

    The OSSC loses sync regularly on all games I tested. It keeps happening in the exact same spots of the games. For example in Super Mario 64 when you switch from the title screen to the big Mario face. Or again when Mario jumps out of the pipe after the intro. It’s not related to my connected screen, even when I disconnect it, I can still see from the OSSC’s display that it’s losing sync.

    I tried two RGB cables: The one which I’ve been using with this N64 for years on a CRT. I also tried a RGB cable I’m usually using with my PAL RGB SNES. The behavior is exactly the same.

    Is this an issue with the OSSC? Or the RGB mod of the N64? The RGB cables?

    Thanks in advance and excuse my English, it’s not my first language 😉



    First of all is it a RGB Amp style mod or a Tim Worthington board?


    I didn’t do the mod myself, but as it has been done many years ago, I’m pretty sure it’s not a Tim Worthington board, but a mod that was available for NTSC N64 consoles in the 90s.

    I just found that setting “Analog sync LPF” in “Sync opt.” to “max” gives me a stable picture, but the wiki does not recommend this setting because of the excessive LPF. Is there any other option I could try to achieve the same effect?


    Sync LPF is separate from video LPF and the former has very little effect on picture quality, so I recommend sticking to that if it solves your issue. If you’re using cables made for PAL SNES/GC, I’d also check that they don’t have 75ohm resistor between video and ground (usually inside the small block going to console’s av connector).


    I had a similar issue with my JAP RGB modded console. For me changing the scart cable to a sync on luma cable fixed the problem you can these cables from With this cable i didn’t need to adjust any sync settings and i get a perfect picture and colours through the OSSC


    Thanks for this recommendation, the mentioned cable fixed the problem indeed 🙂

    Picture seems a little dark, but I only had a few minutes to test it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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