Testing tonight pretty darn good outcome.

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    Hey Folks,

    So did some testing with my Samsung LCD (can’t remember the model but it is an old one will get it in a moment.)

    Tested NES -> Did not work. Composite to scart, no mod to NES. “Output Mode Not Supported”
    AV1 RGBS 0i
    15.70khz 60hz

    Tested SNES -> Works with retrogamingcable.co.uk cable (Sync on Luma)
    Tested n64 -> Did not work. Tested with above and below cable. Will need to source another cable to try.
    Tested Gamecube -> Worked. Used Nintendo branded SCART cable (not the digital component one).

    Tested Sega Megadrive -> Works, though cable was tight fit on the console, and it appears my console needs a clean as sonic was crashing. 🙁
    Tested Sega Saturn -> Works but has a bright purple line at the top when image is set to 4:3 and image is also jumpy regardless of the TVs aspect ratio.
    Tested PS one -> Works.

    Tested Neo-Geo AES -> “Mode not Supported”, really bummed about this one. My favourite console! Works on Sony trinitron CRT (scart direct). The signal appears to jump around all over the place on RGBS

    I have yet to test the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox original, 3DO, Mater System.

    FWIW I am plugging these directly into the OSSC ( i left my scart cable at the office so can’t use my scart switcher. :/ )


    Composite to scart on the NES should sync but give a black screen because no RGB. Is your N64 modded for RGB?

    Did you try analog sync LPF max for the Neo Geo?


    Thanks Paul,
    Time to start modding all the things then I guess.
    I will play around with the AES today.



    Hey Paul,

    Tested what you suggested for the AES but it didn’t work. Tried tinkering with a few other things too but had no joy 🙁

    My sega megadrive cable keeps losing sync too I think the scart connector might be a little dodgy.
    Tried to fix the sega saturn image (jumpy with purple band at the top) but had little success.
    The Dreamcast worked without the Toro, I will test with the Toro when I have a scart lead (can’t find any around the house).


    Just opened up the SCART leads for my megadrive and saturn.
    The Saturn has no caps on the RGB lines. Or the composite (getting sync from this line). I will add some caps tomorrow to see if that helps with the picture.
    The Megadrive pins are loose and look like they are touching inside the scart connector so I will put some heat shrink around them and try to glue some in place so they don’t move about.

    Still no clue about the AES though :/


    Saturn does not require capacitors on the RGB lines. What make/model Saturn and RGB cable are you using?


    I am using an old cable (no idea where it came from) works fine on my trinitron.
    The model Sega is a MK-80200-03



    That’s a Model 1? Hmm, they don’t normally have any issues. Stumped on that one.


    Damn, I have no idea either 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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