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    Hey! So, we all know how the Mega Drive and Master System are somewhat infamous for their jailbars. Ranging from relatively benign to more obvious – my really ghetto unable-to-focus camera notwithstanding.

    The query I was hoping to make was with regards to giving the OSSC the capability to filter out the unwanted jailbars from the image. The solution I propose is relatively simple – round the RGB outputs fed and digitized into the OSSC to known ‘good’ values. We know that the Mega Drive and Master System have relatively stable known good RGB values.
    My theory is that the jailbars aren’t throwing the brightness levels off quite far enough to induce rounding errors, if the OSSC did round all inputted colours to certain values.

    The reasoning for me tagging the Neo Geo and PC Engine in the tags, is because I know that those machines have suffered RGB-related issues in their outputs too – granted, most PC Engines are modded anyway, and they have fixes I understand most owners take when RGB modding anyway.

    So, I’d like to ask. How feasible is this sort of a feature request? I know that it’s not the most elegant sort of solution that people would prefer to see here, but it ties in very well with the console-specific OSSC profiles anyway.

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