Tried custom scanlines?

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    The default scanlines on my 5x setup don’t look like they’re in the right place and I’m hoping the new custom scanlines feature in v0.83 is the solution. Has anyone found custom scanline settings they’re happy with?

    Custom Sl.
    Enables separate setting of each overlay line and column (line strength takes priority on pixels where it is >0%). To check how many sub-lines and -columns are in each mode, refer to Optimal timings#Horizontal multiplication factors.

    Sub-line M str
    Strength for Mth sub-line, 0% disables line overlay.

    Sub-column N str
    Strength for Nth sub-column, 0% disables column overlay.


    Settled on these in 5x which I like a lot:

    Sl. hybrid str. 68%
    Scanline type Custom
    Sub-line 1 str 87%
    Sub-line 2 str 6%
    Sub-line 5 str 6%


    There’s a lot of flexibility and you can end up playing around quite some time with them, I think some of the folks over on Shmups had some settings to try too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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